An Ode to the Feminist Men in My Life

I have lived my life surrounded by strong, vocal, intelligent, feminist women. I was raised to know that all genders were equal and to fight for that if anyone told me otherwise. I have also been incredibly lucky to not have to fight with the most important men in my life. These are men who don’t just say they’re feminists - they live it, teach it, and shout it from the rooftops.

And I want to thank them.

I'm Not Having Children. And I'm Angry About It.

Decisiveness is not often my forté, especially when it comes to deciding whether or not I want dessert. (In this case, kidding myself is my forté.) 

Then there are things in which I am so firmly rooted that not even the most earth-shaking life events could change them: the love of my family, acceptance of religions other than my own, and the personal decisions people make for themselves and their bodies. 

For instance, my partner and I will not be having children. And though we often joke about it, even keeping a “no children” piggy bank in the kitchen, it is very serious for us.