Summer 2016 Call for Submissions


St. Jane Media is pleased to announce that we are now accepting poetry submissions, in any form and on any topic, to be considered for publication on our poetry and arts blog in the summer of 2016.

All submitted work will be considered; however, only some pieces will be selected for publication. We are committed to providing opportunity to new and emerging artists, women, people of colour, LGBTQ people, neurodivergent people, and others who may find it difficult to break into artistic environments and industries.

This call for submissions will close on 15 June; please submit work with a short biographical statement to Rae Lemke Sprung at before the 15 of June. We appreciate everyone's contributions and look forward to hearing from you!

Poetry Exhibits: scrawl


every last one of my nerves
is an exposed tripwire
my hermit crab body
rattling around in a dirty house
air pressing on my skin like sulphur clouds

it’s so expected to fall apart, so I keep going
ugly words peppery in my mouth

don’t let the wires touch the wall
they’ll burn the fucker down

pretty false front, five-alarm flame

Rae Lemke Sprung

Poets interested in submitting pieces to the St. Jane collection can visit our call for submissions.