Thoughts (Election 2016 Special)

By J. Cooper

This election will be the third election that I've been of age to vote, the first being in 2008. I voted for Obama in that election and then for Roseanne Barr in 2012 (yes, she was running).

This year, it feels like a joke. Neither of the main choices are remotely appealing, both of them leave a bad taste in my mouth and rub me the wrong way. That being said, with great reluctance, I will be casting my vote in favor of Hillary Clinton.

I say I am reluctant, because truth be told I cannot stand behind either of the frontrunners in this race, at all. I can't stand either candidate. I was an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders and it was a huge disappointment to see what should have been his victory stolen from him. I consider it to be an extreme compromise of my personal morals to vote for this woman, but I refuse to let a power hungry, orange-faced bigot get anywhere near the big red button.

I am absolutely terrified for the future of this country. The corruption of our "system" has been revealed more than ever before. Truth be told, I believe that either way I'm screwed. Being disabled, I already pay too much for a healthcare system that doesn't work for a low-income individual, let alone for the average person working full-time. I can only hope that we can flip the House and Senate to get this nation on the right track.

This election has revealed the true colors of many of my friends, family, and fellow Americans, for better or worse, some frighteningly worse. Still, I can only hope that somehow we will come together as a whole and work toward making this country better. Unfortunately I do not see that happening, at least at this juncture.

As days go by, it seems more lines are drawn and as a society we are dividing, which spells danger for all of us. I fear for what will come after this election day. It's a fear I have never felt before. I question whether my vote ever truly mattered or if the decisions have always been made already and if the end result will help or harm our citizens. I want to believe it matters, so I vote regardless, this year to hopefully prevent what would become our demise as a country.

I think about what the history books will say about this election, or if they'll just gloss over it, pretending like it never happened. I think many people are with me in wishing that this was all just a horrible bad dream, but it seems we're more awake than ever.

We can only make the change we want to see in the world by acting, a single grain of rice can tip the scale. Every vote counts, the orange-faced bully needs to be left behind for the sake of this country. I deeply hope that this election will spark a movement for true change and we can set our sights on a better future for our nation. It seems unrealistic, but I will hope until there is none left.