Election 2016: Five Women, Five Votes


We have a mission at St. Jane Media and that's to rise up as an outlet for the thousands of creative people in our communities who are continuously discouraged from sharing themselves with the world. In light of this, this election has been a particularly significant one from our viewpoint.

We asked women to come forward and submit their perspectives on a historic election. None of these women are regularly paid to discuss politics or provide arguments for candidates. We wanted to give them a platform to share their views as writers, thinkers, and voters. Even among the women voting for the same candidate, the issues driving their votes are distinct and framed by different life experiences.

Whatever the outcome of this election, we hope 2017 and beyond start a period of audiences and media outlets paying attention to more types of voices. Whether it's new ways of thinking among the established writing community or those which have been struggling for generations to be heard, we intend to continue amplifying contributions to this new world, whatever form it may take.