Trump Protesters Came Prepared for Neil Gorsuch

Photos by Austin Larrowe

On Tuesday, February 1, protesters gathered at the Supreme Court to oppose the Executive Branch's ultimate nomination to fill a vacancy held open since February 13, 2016.

President Donald Trump nominated Federal appellate judge Neil Gorsuch, a textualist and originalist who has participated in controversial decisions regarding the ACA, birth control, corporate regulation, the death penalty, and more.

Jorden Jean, a Howard University Junior in Political Science: "This [Supreme Court] nomination was stolen from President Obama. I work for a women's rights organization and I am here tonight for women. I'm here for my bothers and sisters in the LGBT community. I'm here for immigrants and Muslims." He also said, "I'm wearing this flag because it stands for justice, for freedom, and that is what I want America to remember."

Gorsuch's confirmation hearing begins on March 20, 2017.

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